Our Family

Kenny Nelson the son of local entrepreneur, Darrell “Tuffy” Nelson, returned to Perham after college in 1964 with a business degree, to partner in his father’s feed company, Pine Lakes Feed which later developed into the Tuffy’s Pet Food Company. “My dad, Tuffy, said, ”Let’s try pet food,” said Kenny.”

“Kenny is unique in most ways, including his drive, his compassion and most of all the way he treats people. His desire to help people is more important than his desire to do business,” Mike Holper.

Throughout its history, KLN Family Brands has been a family business. In 2002 Charlie Nelson, son of Kenny Nelson and grandson of Darrell Nelson joined the KLN Corporation to become the 3rd generation to carry on the Nelson family legacy.

Darrell "Tuffy" Nelson
Kenny Nelson
Charlie Nelson

"We are blessed to employ a lot of good people."
- Charlie Nelson

KLN employees average 20 plus years with the company.

Our Timeline

Back when it all started! Creation of Tuffy's Pet Foods. Opened with 13 Employees.
The Tuffys Plant
Here Kitty, Kitty! Tuffy's Pet Foods starts making cat food.
Tuffys makes cat food
Tuffys canned food
Tuffy's started producing canned food under Muggie's & Tuffy's labels
Original Barrel o Fun Plant
Barrel O' Fun Snack Food Opens! 13 employees, making potato chips, popcorn & cheese snacks.
Who loves candy? Kenny's Candy opened their doors.
Introducing Kennys Candy
People start to take notice. KLN Enterprises was formed. Tuffy's Pet Foods became a division.
KLN was formed
Tuffys Truck
Good dog! Tuffy's starts producing dog treats!
Tuffy's Pet Foods Launched NutriSource - a super premium line of pet foods
Nutrisource launched
Added organic pet food
Tuffy's expanded it's super premium line with organic pet food, Natural Planet Organics.

We learned to speak Aussie - with the delicious Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Liquorice

KLN Family Brands headquarters moved into a brand new environmentally-friendly building
Added organic pet food
Nutheads Launched
Nom, nom nom.....chocolate! Nutheads Chocolate Factory opens their doors. Signature item...chocolate-covered potato chips!
New Barrel o Fun Plant
Tuffy's Pet Foods celebrates 50 years!
Brand new, state-of-the-art production facility for Tuffy's Pet Foods opens
Nutrisource launched
Barrel O' Fun sold to Shearers Snacks
Kennys Merger
Kenny's Candy merged with Nutheads
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